How Applications are made with Google Android App Developments?

Android app development

Android software development is the strategical implementation of creating apps for devices that perform the Android operating system. Gathering the requirements, developing prototypes, testing the commands, implementation, and integration are all phases in the app development process.

For those who have a basic understanding of Core Java, learning Google Android app development is uncomplicated. Soonly you can advance your career in Google Android app development if you can analyze marketing challenges and think analytically for a solution.

For building a simple android app, you must follow two fundamental concepts about google android apps for how to provide multiple entry spots and how they adapt to different devices.

Apps provide multiple entry locations

Google Android apps frame by a variety of components used independently. An activity can consider an example to sort app component that serves as a user interface (UI).

When a user clicks your app’s icon, the “primary” action begins. You may also send the user to activity from another source, such as a notice or another app.

Other components, such as WorkManager, allow your Google Andriod app to run in the background without requiring a user interface.

Apps adapt to various devices

You may give various resources for different devices using Android. You Can construct multiple layouts for different screen resolutions, for instance. The system decides any default layout to use depending on the current device’s screen size.

If certain app functions contain the most prominent hardware, like a camera, developers can check if that device has that hardware at runtime and deactivate the associated functionality if it doesn’t. You have the authority to indicate that your app needs specific hardware since Google Play restricts the app downloads on devices that don’t contain it.

Top 5 latest programming languages used in Android App Developments

Kotlin programming language in Android app development


Swift programming language in Android app development


Java programming language in Android app development


Dart programming language in Android app development


JAVASCRIPT programming language in Android app development


Top best essential skills for Google Android App Development Team


Product Management


Agile Methodologies and Scrum Management


User Interface and User Experience






Business Analysis




QA and Performance Testing

Best advantages of Android App development

There are numerous benefits in gaining knowledge to develop applications for Android marketplace share.

By chance, if you're new to this subject and need to learn how can be part of this revolution?

The software builts guide you with the benefits of Google Android application development.

  • Android has the main advantage of its open-source integrated software program platform that decreases the developmental face and Offers easy-to-use development tools.
  • Of course, Android had dominated highly to smart phones shipped worldwide. The first three months of 2015 with 78% marketplace share
  • Google's Android has grown extensively since October 2003, namely Rubin, Miner, Sears, and white established Android Inc. in California.
  • Linux-based open-source Android has boosted the rapid development of smart phone market evolution.
  • It had launched the portable version of the HTC dream mobile phone in 2008. It took many iterations through the years to get it to what today is.
  • Android Studio is an IDE designed and evolved certainly for Android app development. It is a blazingly quick and comfortable one. You could install various Android projects for several types of Android apps within secs.
  • Also, the applications deployed to the Google Play Store applicable for download by mobile users within few hours compared to few weeks for apple's App Store.
  • Android builders are extra due to the excessive range of customers in Android OS.
  • Android has inspired innovation across the builders to project new applications that help and intend to survive in this highly competitive marketplace. Its coordination with Google has made it effective with Google maps and Google voice apps.
  •  Many organizations are investing in a high way on Android software application development related to open access-open source rules have proven that authentic potentials.
  • There are many collections of resources that transform tools and ideas for designing and constructing Android apps. Additionally consists of many latest tools like material design, maps, location services, sensors usability, and app distribution. An Android developer needs to be an expert in all the tools and layout principles capable of creating apps according to your imaginations.
  • In the last couple of years, the Android ecosystem has undergone many enhancements, specifically new software, hardware, and operating system.
  • Android had introduced with mobile phones is now built-in smart watches, TVs, and cars. It has proven that it can run on any gadget which has a small microprocessor.
  • According to the trend, the number of apps available in the Google Play Store crossed to 2.87 million in 2020 and now risen to nearly 5 million by the latest 2021 and exact figures are not revealed yet by the Google Play Store for the year 2021 by these stats which clearly show its market penetration.

Amazing facts about Android development

  • Initially, the Android is designed for cameras later implemented for mobile phones.
  • In comparison with other operating systems, the Android operating system had explored tremendously resulted in a web- based service that's remarkably distinctive from the original version of this mobile operating system.
  • It has an unlocked number of new parts. Android studio is now the default integrated development environment IDE in short-supported by Google to develop Android applications.
  • Installing the Android SDK and Android studio provides the necessary environment to build an Android application or fundamentals like activities, fragments, and UI controls name a few. 
  • The Android architecture contains four layers in that each layer had formed with its own set of libraries.
  • Android developers should explore the building blocks of Android applications like activity, services, content providers, broadcast receivers, and intense. 
  • Android application development and smart phones have revolutionized the way we create and consume information.
  • Today people can barely recall life before mobile apps nowadays. Smart phones have changed our lives from checking the weather, the minute you wake up to finding a recipe for pot roast, from getting a doctor on the month, to playing a game while waiting for the bus apps have become a way of life.
  • Using a washing machine or a quadcopter, Android has become integral to everyday living in more ways than you can count.
  • Over 1 billion Android devices have been activated and ruling the smart phone market with an 85% market share. Increasingly, establishing the need for application development.
  • Most people like to use Android technology in their Androids because of its flexible advantages with its unbelievable popularity. Developers will get settled into Android application development to a greater extent and get the best from the booming industry.


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